Monday, June 29, 2015

Desert King - From an old local tree in Seattle

My brother and I received a generous amount of Desert King cuttings from a local tree in Seattle. The owner did not eat them sadly and said have at it.

This is a very large and prolific tree.The fruits were all very large and every branch had atleast 20+ figs on them.

We processed these branches into manageable cuttings and oh boy I did not expect to pot up this much. Over 90 new cuttings going into the bin to be rooted.

Does anyone want any figs. LOL.


  1. From the cutting that rooted. Is it possible for me to get cutting from those tree? I'd like to try growing figs.

    1. Great site - I'd love to try a few figs as well. Do you sell/give away any of the rooted cuttings? I'm down in the Portland area

    2. Thanks Eric, yes I do sell pre-rooted cuttings for basically cost in the fig shop.

  2. Where do fig trees grow? What zone? Ever cool!

  3. Figs can grow in any zone, 6 and colder you have to give it winter protection. In Seattle most will handle our winters.