Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time to do some Air Layers

I still have a few fig trees that need some shaping before the new growing season. I prefer the branching to occur at about 20 inches from the base of the plant. Sometimes I'll trim the cuttings but by now most of the trees are already waking up from their dormancy and breaking bud. I even see a number of them with their brebas already. My Smith fig has 12 growing on it currently. Can't wait for those to ripen, they are the best!

Today I pulled 3 plants for some air layering work. Conadria,  Flanders, Magnolia, Atreano, Tena &  Desert King

This is the whip Flanders Fig from Raintree

I used a small sandwich bag and some zip ties

The medium is my coco coir, HP promix and some perlite.  I also read that onions act like a rooting hormone so I broke off a piece of onion that was a bit overgrown in the fridge.

I made a couple of cuts on the area where I want it to root from and peeled off the bark. You can also peel it completely off around the trunk but I like this method since it still gives the plant some channels to feed the top of the plant.

Rub the plant liberally with the onion.

Next cut the bottom of the sandwich bag and slip it over the top of the plant Zip tie the bottom and add your moist medium. Do not add wet clumping dirt. use coco coir.

Voila, wait 4 weeks and you should see some roots.

Lasts year, I only cut the bark on a couple of plants and only made scratches on a some others that I had air layered. The ones that I scratched pushed out very little roots if any. And all the ones that had peeled off bark rooted successfully. So moving forward I will be peeling back bark on all new air layers.

Update: 4/10/16

My Tena air-layer 

Update 6/8/16: A few more ready to be cut from the parent tree.

Update: June
Hollier fig Air Layer

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