Thursday, August 15, 2019

Koi Fish Auction at Pan Intercorp

I may have been overly anxious but I wanted to check out the Pan Intercorp Koi auction in Edmonds. Just 40 mins from where I live. My pond isn't complete yet so I didn't want to come home with a whole bunch of fish and not have enough space to house them.

Upon arrival, they had the fish spread out for preview in large bags. You have an hour to ear mark your favorites. And even if you miss the preview they pass out a print out of all the fish. Which helps to stay on top of things.

There are about half a dozen greenhouse with various ponds around the grounds. I will be back to visit outside of the auction for sure.

All registered. Here's my bigger's paddle

I actually let my 2 older boys do all the bidding. Blake managed to get a the great deals, even winning a fish for a whole $1.

My 3 year did not know when to to put the paddle down. And probably over bid for a doitsu showa. All in all we won 4 fish! and the total was much less than what it would've been through their website. @ 

We had an amazing time! The only con was that you couldn't check out until the last fish was auctioned. And when you have small children that can be a bit tough when they become restless. 

(left to right) 1. Doitsu Showa 2. Blake's $1 dollar utsuri 3. Kujaku 4. Sanke 

These were small koi. They will go into the 50 for now until the pond is complete.

This is how I tell if the figs area redy from the living room.

My living room View. The figs want to come in.

Friday, August 9, 2019

My New Pond Project

This year I decided it was time to dig my own Koi pond. I got a few bids and the average price came in around $20K. I was like uhh no I'll pass and decided to do it myself.

I hired my 2 teenage nephews to do most of the digging. While I worked on created the various tiers within the pond. Total labor cost so far. $500.

They'd come over for about 2hrs a week since June to do a few wheel barrows at a time. The work was slow but I'm glad I didn't have to do it all by myself.

This is a the final layout. Deepest point is about 4 feet deep. I have the liner and underlayment coming soon.