Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My 1st Bonsai ever. A Cascading Scots Pine.

I collected this little Scots Pine growing wildly in the greenbelt behind my yard back in February 2019. It was quite limber and I was able to really manipulate the branches quite a bit. I created a cascading style which would be interesting to see how it will grow out.

Nursery Stock to Bonsai: Flowering Red Scarlet Quince

Being brand new to Bonsai. It's hard for me to fathom spending thousands of dollars on a bonsai plant and possibly killing it or make a mistake in the styling process. So the idea of practicing on nursery stock is much more appealing and better way to practice on my Bonsai skills. If I mess up it doesn't hurt the pocket book as bad.

I was at nursery in Kent in February and found these beautiful Flowering quince, labelled Red Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince. They just look like dead bushes at the moment. But let's see what it can be transformed to.

After about half hr of digging through the pots I found this particular one with a sexy curvy trunk. Can you see it?

After following some guidelines on pruning deciduous Bonsai. I was left with this form.

First find the front the front of the tree.

Pruning a Bonsai tree illustration

Here's what it looks like after following these procedures.

I left a long sacrificial branch at the base of the trunk to help thicken up Nebari. It will be removed as the final part of the design.

Here it is in it's pot and outdoors to soak up some sun.

A few weeks later 3rd week in March 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

My Spruce Bonsai, 1st styling.

So I was hunting one of the local nurseries for Bonsai material and I encountered. A great Japanese Black Pine as well as a great looking neglected old spruce that has been there for some time.

Here's the tree after pruning off unwanted branches.

However, it reminds me a bit of a Christmas tree so I jined the apex and wired the branches to have that look of weighted snow on them.

I made good use of my son as a background. =) And here's the tree with it's 1st styling.

And here it is with a pot.