Nurseries that sells figs

Nurseries that sells figs

I have been going a bit fig crazy. Ebay is a great source but the price can be somewhat elastic and sometimes nuts. Nurseries are a great source for figs that have a reasonable price. I've looked up dozens of nurseries and what varieties they carry. Let me share what I've learned below in no particular order.

The Seattle Garden Fruit Shop. Thats me!

Micro Nurseries That specializes in rare and hard to find figs:

Trees of Joy - Bass
Bass is a well known Fig seller based out of PA

Figaholics - Harvey
Harvey is one of the most respected sellers of figs based out of CA

Off The Beaten Path Nurseries - Bill
I love working with Bill, super generous guy! Lancaster, PA

Mt Etna Figs
West Virginia

Northwest Nurseries:
Burnt Ridge- (Great nursery in WA, they also sell at the Olympia farmers market. I purchased some figs from them and highly recommended. Most of the plants were about 3ft tall)
432 Burnt Ridge Rd.
Onalaska, WA 98570

Atreano, Cordi Stella, Desert King, Hardy Chicago, Italian Honey (Latarulla), Olympian, Violetta,  Violette De Bordeaux

Raintree (Great source for NW figs and other fruits. Good amount of tested PNW figs. I would buy from them again)
Raintree Nursery
391 Butts Road
Morton, Washington

Black mission, BT, Conadria, Dan Favorite, Dauphine,  Desert King, Excel, Flander's, Hardy Chicago, Lattarula, Mary lane, Nordland, Olympian, Osborne Prolific, Panache, Peter's Honey, Petite Negri, Tashkent, TX Blue, Violette de Bordeaux, Desert King

Calendula (Call first family nursery)
5111 36th Ave E,
Tacoma, WA 98443

Stella, Peter's Honey, Lattarula, Negronne, Desert King, Vern's BT

One Green World
6469 SE 134th Ave
Portland, OR 97236

Atreano, Black Spanish, Desert King, Lattarula,  Negronne, Peter's Honey, Stella, Vern's BT

Portland Nursery (Multiple sites. I visited one of their stores and was impressed with the selection of plants.)
Portland, OR

Atreano, Black Spanish, BT, Lattarula, Negronne, Oregon Prolific, Peter's honey, Stella, TX Ever bearing, Verns BT, King

Northwest Harvest (Operated out of someone's home)
10470 NE 6th Dr,
Portland, OR 97211

Atreano, Black Spanish, Chicago Hardy, Conadria, Desert King, Lattarula, LSU Purple, Magnolia,  Negronne, Peter's HOney, Petite Negra, Stella, Vern's BT, Black Jack, Black Mission, Celestrial, Italian Everbearing,  Osborne Prolific, TX everbearing, Ischia, Olympian, White Kadota, BT

Sky Nursery (I've visited this place a few times, no online list of plants, best to wait for the 30% off sale that happens often.)
18528 Aurora Avenue North
Shoreline, WA 98133

From what I remember. Chicago hardy, Desert King, Petite Negri, BT, Violette De Bordeaux, 

Mclendons (They have a couple varieties and only in small qtys. If you like  BT or Desert King that's about it)
Locations throughout WA

The Grange (This is a co-op and is hit or miss but great quality for a good price)

Lattarula, DK, BT, Peter's honey

Kent Hill Nursery (great nursery with a good selection of fruit plants, only a handful of figs)
116th Ave and 240th St
Kent, WA

Atreano, Peter's honey, Desert King Stella, BT

13625 NE 175th St,
Woodinville, WA 98072

Not a lot of selection and sells fast. Desert King, Olympian, Violette De Bordeaux

Flower world Been here many times. It's a huge nursery. Lots of everything and only a handful of figs
9322 196th St SE,
Snohomish, WA 98296

Black Spanish, Desert King, BT, Peter's Honey

Furney's They only get figs in around March. The plants are large but somewhat pricey. Upwards of $50+
21215 International Blvd,
Des Moines, WA 98198

Panache, Desert King, BT, Black mission

Reputable Online Nurseries: 

Rolling River (I made a purchase the other week I have a review on this blog. I'm very pleased with the purchase the trees are very tall and established)
Orleans, CA

Alma, Atreano, Barnissotte, Nero,  Beall, Black Jack, Black mission, Black Spanish, BT, BT South, Bursa Siyahi, Calimyrna, Celeste, Chicago Hardy, Conadria, Dauphine, Deanna, Desert King,  Emalyn's purple, Excel, flanders, Hollier, Ischia White, Kadota, Latturula, LSU Gold, LSU Purple, Marrabout, Monstrueuse, Nazarti, Negronne, Normon's Yellow, Osborne Prolific, Panache, Peter's Honey, Snowden, Tena, TX Everbearing, Ventura Strawberry, Vern's BT, White Genoa

Just Fruits and Exotics - (Prices are a bit high)
30 Saint Frances St.
Crawfordville, Florida 32327

Alma, Beall, Black Jack, Black madeira, BT, Celeste, Champagne, Conadria, Flanders, Green ischia, Hardy Chicago, Hollier, Hunt, Mary Lane, LSU Gold, LSU Improved Celeste, LSU Purple, SLU Scotts Black, Miss Hall, Nero, ORourke, Panache, Smith, St Peter;s Tena, White Tx Everbearing

Almost Eden  (Great prices and great selection)
Almost Eden
1240 Smith Rd
Merryville LA 70653

 Alma, Calvert, Atreano, Banana, Beall, Bisirri, Black mission, Brooklyn White, Brooklyn Dark, BT, Capelas, Celeste, Champagne, Conadria, Creech Family Sugar fig, Cucumber, Danny's delite, Delcon, Dr. Monticeillos, Deanna, Excel, G and A Violette, Gillette, Hollier, Ischia Black, Jack qtr pounder, Jurupa, Kadota, Kathleen Black, LSU Gold, LSU Pruple, LSU Gold, Lyndhurst White, Magnolia, Marylane Seedless, Mega Celeste, Negronne, Nero, New Dan, Osborne Prolific, O'Rourke, Pan Tiger, Peter's Honey, Purple Passion, Red Italian, Salem Dark, Salem White, Sal's Fig, Smith, Stanford Fig, Stella Cordi, Strawberry Verdonne, Syrian Long, Yellow Magnolia.

Edible Landscape I've purchased my Che fruit and jujube from them. They were very healthy looking plants
361 Spirit Ridge Lane
Afton, VA 22920

Hardy Chicago, Celeste, BT, LSU Purple,  Conadria, Violet De Bordeaux, Petite Negri, TX BA-1, Latarulla, Verte (Green Ischia), Black Mission, Kodata, Panache, Marseilles, O-Rourke

Hidden Springs They only ship from Nov to April.
170 Hidden Springs Lane
Cookeville, TN 38501

Celeste, LSU Gold, LSU Purple, Chicago Hardy, Magnolia

Encanto Farms (runs figs4fun)
San Diego, CA

Too many to list. Here's the link. Encanto Figs
 721 American Legion Hwy. 
Roslindale, MA 02131 

Paradiso or Genova, Whiter triana, Votata, San Peitro, Tarantella, BT, LA GOCCIA D'ORO, black triana, Black Mission, Petite Negra, Italian Honey

Bay Flora
 1563 Solano Avenue, 
#428, Berkeley, CA 9470

Janice seedless Kadota, Panache, Lattarulla, White Genoa, Negronne, Peter's Honey, Black Jack

Three Fold Farm ($100 minimum order for shipping, no limit on pickup orders. Sorry, no shipping to AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, or WA)

Adriatic JH Fig, Atreano Fig, Black Madeira Fig, Bryant Dark Fig, Dark Portuguese Fig, Col de Dame Gris Fig, Col de Dame Noir Fig, Latarolla Fig, Florea, LSU Gold Fig, Kathleen's Black Fig, LSU Tiger Fig, Keddie Fig, Longue D'Aout Fig, Lyndhurst White Fig, Macool Fig, Malta Black Fig, Maltese Falcon Fig, Marseilles Black VS Fig, Neri 1 Fig, Nero 600m Fig, Niagara Black Fig, O'Rourke Fig, Panache Fig, Takoma Violet Fig, Large Negronne Fig, Petite Negri Fig, Ronde de Bordeaux Fig, Sal's Corleone Fig, Smith Fig, Tim Light and Vista  

Trees of Joy Has a great selection of rare figs. Also sells on Ebay
Bethlehem, PA

Varieties Link

Willis Been around for 22yrs

 200 McCormick Road
Cartersville, GA. 30120

Black jack, Black Mission, Italian Everbearing, Conadria, Desert King, Peter's Honey, White Kadota, Brown Turkey, Celestrial Fig, TX Everbearing,

Trees of Antiquity  Heirloom fruit trees
20 Wellsona Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Black Jack, Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Conadria, Flanders, Genoa,  Osborne Prolific, Peter's Honey, TX everbearing, Verte, Violette De Bordeaux, White Kadota

Petals from the past  Focuses on growing old world plants
 16034 County Road 29
Jemison, Alabama

 Celeste, Green Ischia, Lemon fig, LSU Black, LSU Purple, O'Rourke, White Marseilles

French Fig Farm - Family grower, Specializes in french figs
Battaglia, Calliopes Red Greek, Col De Dame Blanc, Col De Dame Blanca-Negra, Dalmatie, Doree, Blanquette, Frank's Salermo, Dauphine, Italian 258, Longue d'Aout, Madeline De Saisons, Negronne, Pastilliere, Sucrete, Ronde De Bordeaux, Volette De Bordeaux, Violette De Sollies

Salle Figs
Family grown fig business with lots of varieties that operates out of New Jersey
Based out of Florida
A Fig only auction site
New Jersey Fig Farm focuses on Cold Hardy Varieties

Gray Barn Nursery
20871 NE Redmond Fall City Rd, Redmond, WA 98053

Currently has 2-5 ea.

1gal Desert King
5gal Celestial
5gal Violet de Bordeaux
5gal Brown Turkey
5gal Peters Honey

Avoid these Scammers:
Daniel Mitre - Sold me Wuhan as Black Madeira Cuttings


  1. Gray Barn Nursery
    20871 NE Redmond Fall City Rd, Redmond, WA 98053

    Currently has 2-5 ea.

    1gal Desert King
    5gal Celestial
    5gal Violet de Bordeaux
    5gal Brown Turkey
    5gal Peters Honey

    I saw some Little Ruby in 4inch pots earlier this year but I think they sold them.

  2. I think Furney on International Blvd recently moved or closed down.