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1 Gallons:
Green Greek - $25 - Sold Out
Martin's Unk - $25
Vasilika Sika - $25 - Sold out
Santa Fe Unk - $25
Violetta - $25
Jin Ao Fen - $25 - Sold Out
Brandon St Unk - $25 - Sold Out
Negronne - $15 - Sold Out
Desert King - $15 
Brunswick - $15
Gillette - $20 - Sold out
Petite Negra - $15

Unknowns - $10
Florea Fig on Ebay - Sold out

Negronne 2 gallon pot - SOLD

Currently NO Cuttings available

Gene's Vashon - 
This is a hidden gem that grows in our climate in Seattle. The brebas have such an incredible color and shape. The taste is truly a figgy flavor. It doesn't taste like a berry or honey etc. Somewhat harder to root than others. This is a very productive fig when it gets going and will be absolutely loaded with figs in it's 3rd-4th year.
2 crops

Gillette - 
These are edible male figs. When perfectly ripe it reminds me of eating an almond joy. The seeds have a unique nutty crunch and the fluffy pulp picks up hints of honey and mild coconut. Another good candidate for outdoors here in Seattle. Super productive in it's 3rd year. 2 crops

Dessert King - 
The king of figs in the Seattle area. DKs are a large fig that is a heavy producer of tasty brebas. One tree will last a lifetime and you will fall in love with this fig tree. A ripened DK will spread like jam on your toast. A must have in Seattle. No outside protection needed. 2 crops. Only the first crop will ripen. 

Neverella (Obsorne Prolific) - 
This is another classic fig for Seattle.  Best to let these ripen fully to get optimal sugars and sweetness. A biteful of perfectly ripened Osborn Prolific is like eating a fluffy cloud of honey. So good.  Does not need protection in Seattle 
1 Crop

Brandon St. Unknown - 
This fig is very good, it ripens in July and September here. It's a green fig that ripens into a purplish brown color. When perfectly ripe you can drink the pulp with a straw. The flavors are very strong. The taste is berry like with a whiny after taste. It does not need protection in Seattle
2 Crops

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  1. Hey just got my order of fig pops and they all seem to be doing well. Desert King seems to be the most far along I think almost ready to up pot already, followed by Gillette and far behind is the Neverella Thanks!! Just had one question. when I up pot should I put a plastic bag over the leaves to keep the humidity up?


  2. That's great I picked out the ones that had the most roots for you. Yes when you up pot use pre moistened soil instead of flooding it with a hose. And technically you do not have to cover the up potted plant with a bag since the leaves will have acclimated if you open the top to let air in.

  3. Thanks for the quality picks Ben! Appreciate the quick reply and all the info you have on your blog and youtube channel. Really helping this newbie out!


  4. Is Brandon st unknown still available and where do I order if so?

  5. I just received my 2 figs from Ben B. and was very pleased with plants, shipping and advice.

  6. I just ordered 2 figs from Ben B. and was very happy with the plants, shipping and advice.

  7. Ordered four figs in May. Already up potted Desert King and Gillette in two gallon pots and doing very well. Vashon Violet is ready to find a new home. Neverella is far behind but still looking good. Thanks, Ben!

  8. Bought 3 fig pops from you in May, just about 6 weeks ago.
    I could already see some root development when they arrived.
    Two Neveralla, and one Gillette. They are now in 1 gallon and growing outside. One of the Neveralla really grew, it looks like a small plant. Good job gathering the cuttings, and thank you!