Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Best Way to root Ebay fig cuttings

This is how I treat every new fig cutting. I get a lot of cuttings from Ebay. Through lots of trial and error I've finally developed nice method that ensures high success and maximizes your cuttings.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jump Starting my Late figs.

It's mid January and trying to jump start my rare late figs. They've been in the garage since November. The temperature never gets below 40s in there. I also run 3 fish tanks in the garage which keeps the temperature up and the humidity level high. The soil remains moist and I haven't watered them once in nearly 3 months.

In Seattle the Season starts in March and ends in October. Which is about 7 months of growing time. This year I'm bring in some late figs to the comfort of the house to give them a bit of a head start.

My unifera late figs that need a long season(or greenhouse):
Black Madeira
Col De Dame (any)
Jolly Tiger
Italian 258
Violette de Sollies
Mavra Sika
Kathleens Black
Red Italian
Italian Black
Greek Pappa
Valle Negra
Ventura Strawberry
Yellow Long Neck

Below is a photo of my black Madeira. It took about 10 days but she is already starting to sprout some leaves. Compared to the figs outdoors who are still bare sticks in the cold.

Im very excited to hopefully/finally eat a black madeira this year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Daniel Mitre - Black Madeira Figs from Amazon

I took a chance and purchased some more Black Madeira figs from Daniel Mitre. He sells on Amazon and Ebay.

I bought 2 cuttings from him in the summer and they rooted but were not very strong. So I bought 4 more but was only sent 2 by mistake. Hopefully he will send the rest of my order soon. at $10 a stick it's a bit more digestible than the astronomical prices Ebay auctions are fetching.

Anyhow this time around I will use the lasgna method along with alot of love and Shungite infused water. What's Shungite you ask?

Shungite is very old, ancient in fact, said to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone, and using it may bring you a variety of blessings.
This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life.
It is the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.
Fullerenes were brought to our attention when research on them gained the scientists a Nobel prize. This is because the fullerenes in this stone will cleanse water then infuse it with a potent healing vibration.
The energy embodied within this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers.

 Combine Shungite and the metaphysical study by Dr Masaru Emoto, that writing something positive such as the word "Love" on your water or container can affect it's resistance to mold and it's crystallized structure.

Check out the video and photos below. It's very interesting. Others have tried this method on simple rice and the container of rice that had love on it did not get any mold while the ones that weren't labelled or negatively labelled all had mold growing all over it.

So I figure why not try it out on figs. If simply writing love on my rooting container can help it root better, why not.

What would you eat figs that have been grown with love or hate?

I'll follow up more as the experiment ensues.

Rare Fig Cuttings are fruiting

I traded some fig cuttings from a friend of mine across the pond. Vinny. He has a great Youtube channel on his garden. Subscribe to him if you can.

He sent me some great varieties from his neck of the woods. Pellegrino, Jordan, I-208, Ice Crystal, Sugar IR, Turkish black. I'm thankful for such a generous pen pal.

Under the light

After a few weeks I have premature baby figs popping up through the soil. I had to pluck these off to allow the energy to go into rooting.