Monday, November 9, 2015

Did you say new hobby? Modena Pigeons and more about me

I first got introduced to King Pigeons growing up in the Bay Area of California, our dad used to be into birds. He built this huge walk in aviary for his canaries, cockatiels, and King Pigeons. I was most fascinated by these over plump pigeons that reminded me of small hens. They were much more refined and majestic though compared to chickens.

Now about 25 yrs later my brothers and I have invested in our first batch of Modenas. We purchased these from a breeder by the name of Larry in Chelahis, WA. What an incredible generous breeder. I'm sure my wife loves the fact that I have another hobby. Now I can add pigeon breeder to the list.

My current hobbies.
1. Destination Photographer:

2. Fish Hobbyist:

3. Gardening and figs:

4. Rock and crystal collector: My Giant Huge Brazilian Phenakite!

My rare minerals case, phenakites, libyan glass, danburite, rhodozite, auralite 23, petalite, modlavite, azeztulite, herderite, azurite, K2, yellow apatite, and more.

5. Vintage Camera collector

6. and Now pigeons

He sent us home with 11 beautiful birds for just a fraction of the a cost of a pair of birds!! We're excited to get these in their new aviary which is at the moment under construction.

I'll have more updates on these beautiful birds

The cage is complete.

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