Monday, January 18, 2016

Jump Starting my Late figs.

It's mid January and trying to jump start my rare late figs. They've been in the garage since November. The temperature never gets below 40s in there. I also run 3 fish tanks in the garage which keeps the temperature up and the humidity level high. The soil remains moist and I haven't watered them once in nearly 3 months.

In Seattle the Season starts in March and ends in October. Which is about 7 months of growing time. This year I'm bring in some late figs to the comfort of the house to give them a bit of a head start.

My unifera late figs that need a long season(or greenhouse):
Black Madeira
Col De Dame (any)
Jolly Tiger
Italian 258
Violette de Sollies
Mavra Sika
Kathleens Black
Red Italian
Italian Black
Greek Pappa
Valle Negra
Ventura Strawberry
Yellow Long Neck

Below is a photo of my black Madeira. It took about 10 days but she is already starting to sprout some leaves. Compared to the figs outdoors who are still bare sticks in the cold.

Im very excited to hopefully/finally eat a black madeira this year.

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