Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October Fig Bonanza

It's early October and the time for ripe figs is here.

Tasting Video on the following figs:
Preto/Black Madeira?


Golden Riverside

Green Greek

Takoma Violet

Black Malta

Ronde De Bordeaux



The biggest winner this year was a surprise. It was the Golden Riverside fig that my brother and I bought from a gentleman in Santa Cruz, CA.

It ranked right up there with the Black Madeira for me. It tasted like a Black Madeira crossed with a yellow fig. Very Distinct and Oh So Yummy!


  1. Love your blog and passion for figs! What 3-4 figs would you plant if you could only plant 3-4? We live in Vancouver WA so we get more warmth than you but a bit more winter cold. I was thinking: Desert King, Violette de Bordeaux, Lattaurula, and one more. Vern's brown turkey, Peter's Honey, Petite Negra were the ones I was thinking of. I am most interested in fresh use and rich, exotic, spiced flavor.

  2. Those are all great figs. For me if i had to pick 4 in ground here. 1. DK 2. Peter's Honey 3. Genes Vashon 4. Ronde De Bordeaux and maybe 5. Marseilles