Friday, April 28, 2017

The problem with keeping Figs in the Garage

I bought a greenhouse last year but unfortunately it was still not large enough to house all my potted plants. Subsequently the larger trees had to go into the garage. I have windows on my garage so there's some light that streams through. This helps to wake up the figs trees but it's also a problem if the weather is not cooperating and you can't take them out before they break bud.

It's a crap shoot to take out your figs then get hit with a late frost which could potentially damage your brebas.

The poroblem with the figs in the garage is that the new limbs become very leggy and the new leaves are very fragile and are very susceptible to sunburn. They do not have the same coarseness of fig leaves that have been grown outdoors.

Today I took out my big daddy Black Madeira "Big Black Maddy" and in the process some of the leaves fell off with the slightest touch. You can see one or two leaves at the top of the soil.

Seattle has had some record rains and low temps for this time of year so I at least I don't have to worry too much about overly hot days that can burn the new leaves.

Hopefully this cloudy weather will help with the acclimation process to the outdoors.

I also will hit all the garage figs with a bit of Silica Blast. It's suppose to help strengthen the cellular wall on plants, and in a sense help to harden them off.

The top microscopic photo of a plants cellular walls without Silica, the bottom photo is of a plant that has been watered with Silica.

So just like your kids if you do not kick them out in time they become weak and and useless.

Next project...

Sorting the figs from the greenhouse.

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