Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Figs to Avoid for the Pacific Northwest

I have 260 Fig varieties in the collections and growing. At the moment I'm rooting or will root over 125 more varieties.


Answer: Because I have this strange drive to trial as many varieties as I can to help those folks in the PNW or with any similar climate to pick out the best tasting, productive varieties for our climate.

Along the way I've uncovered some great tasting brebas like the Calderwood unknown and Brandon St Unk. Which are great for this area.

But there's also a list of figs that we should avoid here. Even with a green house they are difficult to get a ripe fruit from.

The BIG NO NO List for Fig Varieties here in the PNW. It's a growing list so come back to this.

1. Mission - Hard to get a ripe fruit from this variety
2. Panache - So frustrating. The fruit will come so close to ripening but just will never get there
3. **Yellow Long Neck - Up for debate since, mine has not fruited in 4 yrs but I may need a another source to see
4. Karachi green - Never fruited not even a little fig
5. Deanna - Bad Splitting problem not rain resistent
6. Alma - 3yrs and still no fruit
7. **Kadota - I may need to get mine from another source to give a 2nd shot. But the fruit I got was terrible. Might be from the original source
8. Col De Dames in General - These are truly late varieties and without a heated greenhouse, don't bother wasting your money. They are very expensive and will not ripen in ground here.

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