Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Figs to Avoid for the Pacific Northwest

I have 275 Fig varieties in the collections and growing. At the moment I'm rooting or will root over 50 more varieties.


Answer: Because I have this strange drive to trial as many varieties as I can to help those folks in the PNW or with any similar climate to pick out the best tasting, productive varieties for our climate.

Along the way I've uncovered some great tasting brebas like the Calderwood unknown and Brandon St Unk. Which are great for this area.

But there's also a list of figs that we should avoid here. Even with a green house they are difficult to get a ripe fruit from.

After 3yrs of growing with no fruit, they fig is not meant to be grown here in the PNW.  Some figs just do better in different climates.

My growing List for Fig Varieties that have not fruited for here in the PNW. It's a growing list so come back to this.

1. Mission - Hard to get a ripe fruit from this variety
2. Panache - So frustrating. The fruit will come so close to ripening but just will never get there
3. Igo
4. Karachi green - Requires a long season
5. Deanna - Bad Splitting problem not rain resistent
6. Alma - Requires a long season
7. **Kadota - I may need to get mine from another source to give a 2nd shot. But the fruit I got was terrible. Might be from the original source
8. Col De Dames in General - These are truly late varieties and without a heated greenhouse, don't bother wasting your money. They are very expensive and will not ripen in ground here. (with exception to CDD Grise, blanc and maybe Noir which can ripen with a greenhouse)
9. Atreano - has been finicky too. I've yet to see fruit on this tree.
10. Galicia Negra
11. Genoa - Requires a king season
12. Greek Papa
13.  Green Jolly Tiger - I think I bought one of those Bunk reverted green jolly tigers. It fruited but was a capri fig
14. Lake Spur - maybe an adriatic fig. But this fig has never fruited
15. Pappa John
16. Unk Greek Cephalonia
17. Pink Jerusalem
19. Dauphine
20. Pastillere
21. Ponte Tresa
22. Martinenca Rimada
23. White Genoa

More to come


  1. That's an unfortunate list for me! haha. I have a 4yr. Panache in unheated g.house that will ripen a few before mold sets in. I have a YLN in ground that's coming out of it's first winter. I have a Kadota to plant in ground this spring and Alma cuttings rooting now, lol. Good thing I have space! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's an unfortunate list for me. haha. I live near the Wa coast and have a few of those going. My Panache is 4 yrs old, unheated g.house, and will produce a few before mold sets in. I planted a YLN in ground last year, have a Kadota waiting to get planted this year and Alma cuttings growing now. Good thing I have the space. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Weird, my 'Atreano' produced a lot of figs last year for it's small potted size, and is currently covered in developing main crop figs its first year in ground.

    1. thanks for the verification I may get another source for the atreano fig. The one I have is crap lol