Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fig of the week. #16 White Kadota

Fig of the week. White Kadota

Hardiness: Survives the Seattle Winter
Type: NA
Fruit Ripens: Sept
Fruit Color: Yellowish Green
Taste: Nasty!
Fruit Weight: 35grams

This is my 2nd year old tree. It's the first time it's bearing fruit and is suppose to be "Super Sweet" according to most websites. However, I'm not sure if it's because it's a young tree or our cool weather here in Seattle. Most figs can pass as being decent enough to eat, but this fig is just plain bad. It's SO bland! There's no taste! No Seeds and just not worth growing here. It's like eating up rotten lettuce.

I believe it does better in the South where it can get more heat, but for Seattle it's just borderline pig fodder.

After some research I believe the seller mislabeled this fig cutting on their Ebay. It's probably not white Kadota.

Greenish Yellow Fig weighing in at 35grams and ripens one crop in Late September.

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