Saturday, October 17, 2015

Update on Pineapple Quince

A quick update on my pineapple Quince. Its Mid October and I was hoping that it was ripe. I tried one that fell to the ground. It was still rock hard and super tart!

It definitely is a pretty tree. I may keep it around for the flowers but may move it to another area of the yard. I may get a bosc pear in it' place, if the flavor doesn't improve when the fruit is ripe.


  1. Did you try baking these? They are really not for eating raw. Just throw them in the oven whole and bake for a few hours and they are delicious. Just do a whole batch at a time and store them in the fridge for whenever you're hungry. If you store them for a bit before cooking the acid levels will decrease also.

  2. quince don't 'ripen' on the tree,and most aren't edible at all raw,really dry and astringent,you are best off picking them and cooking them,plenty of recipes online for jams etc,the hardest thing with these guys is working out when they are ready to pick