Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fig of the week. #14 Verte

Fig of the week. Verte AKA Green Ischia |  strawberry Verte | Calvert | Verdone | Figue Despagne | Verdae | New Verte Ischia green | Verdalle, Trompe-Cassaire | Figue D'Hiver | Des Dames | Ficus Carica Aulica Risso

Hardiness: Survives the Seattle Winter
Type: Unifere
Fruit Ripens: Late Sept
Fruit Color: Greenish yellow fig with red pulp and seed crunch
Taste: Tastes exactly like strawberry jelly
Fruit Weight: 20 grams
Note: Cuttings are easy to root about 4 weeks to get a good roots and leaves

Another super fig for Seattle. It also comes in many names! Small but very tasty! It holds on to it's leaves longer than most other figs, which may make it cold tolerable fig that ripens in cool temperatures, but could suffer from frosts damage if it's branches do not lignify in time. The leaves range from single to 3 lobes.

Split resistant
The skin although not as tough as Peter's Honey is not as enjoyable to eat as others with soft skins
Ripens in Late September

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