Thursday, January 26, 2017

2017 Figs Additions

The last couple of years I bought A LOT of new fig varieties. This year I plan to sell off more than I purchase. The plan is to have no more than 50 varieties that do well here and only a handful of rare varieties that need the extra attention and care.

I plan on getting a few new varieties every year to continual my trials of how well they will do in Seattle. If a particular variety hasn't produced any figs after 3 years reliably. It's gotta go. 

2017 Figs Cuttings and Plants

1. Grantham's Royal Cuttings - I already have 2 of these trees but have yet to get any brebas, so I've purchased more cuttings from another grower to see if I there's any difference

Update: (I accidentally Killed these due to the heatmat over heating and drying them out)

2. LSU Scott's Yellow Cuttings - These look interesting to me. They appear to be large figs which I love, and should produce a nice breba crop according to some reports, which is a big factor for me on getting these.

3. Martin's Unknown Black Cuttings - What attracted me to this variety is it's size. There are some reports that it splits in heavy rains, which can be disastrous in Seattle but I'm willing to risk it to see the extra large fruit. I just looked and I may have already have this plant. DOH!

4. Violetta -(AKA Bayernfeige Violetta) I got a single cutting from my friend Kiwibob but it didn't make it. So I want another. Violetta supposedly has a better Breba crop than main crop, so I'm very interested in growing this variety. There's some confusion with Violetta and Violeta so I have no idea which variety this will be.
I purchased some cuttings from William Saxon and *Purchased plant from Burnt Ridge Nursery. I like to get varieties from different sources to compare.

Burnt Ridge sent the plants Bareroot.

5. Frank's Salerno Unknown - I purchased these cuttings because the fruit reminds me of a Sals Corleone. I love the melony tones on figs and I'm hoping that this one has those taste components. Also with it coming out of New York it should do great here in Seattle.

6. Laredek English Brown Turkey - Supposedly another great fig for the Northwest. Looks to be the Same fig as Sweet George

7. Tauro - might also be Fiorone di Terlizzi- Fiorone Menghtaur. Been hunting this one down for about a year. I'm glad Harvey offers if. It's a large fig. supposedly gets over 300+ Grams. I love big figs but this seems to be an outrageous claim.
Purchased cuttings from Harvey

8. Bursa Black - Huge Black Figs - Smyrna Type
Purchased from Rolling River Nursery

9. Genovese Nero Rafed - True Genovese Nero. I believe I already bought a plant from Harvery last year but I also bought a couple more cuttings this year.

10. Kure Beach Unknown - Big Purple Figs
The mother tree is located at the beach in North Carolina.  The Greek family, had this fig growing at their family home in Charlotte and brought a cutting with them 80 years ago and planted it on their new property here at the beach.  It produces very large purple fruit with a mild fig flavor.  I have heard reports that this variety does well in cooler climates and even produces a fig with more of figgy flavor in those cooler locations. The fruit are 70grams

11. LSU Tiger - One of a few LSU varieties that does well in colder climates and short seasons (as reported by Mountain Figs) Thanks to generous Jerry for the cuttings he sent me from

(update: My heat mat over heated and killed all of these)

Update: Cuttings Dried from the new heat mat

12. De La Gloria - Spanish origin from Harvey's collection. I bought this purely on how beautiful the fruit looks. Eye catching golden fig with red stripes and a deep rich red pulp. Kinda reminds me of the Golden Riverside mixed with a red fig.
Purchased from Harvey

13. Enrico - Paully22 from Vancover BC says he prefers this variety over the I-258. Paully's a PNW grower like myself. He's been doing it for much longer so I trust his evaluations over most.
Purchased from Harvey

14. Jurupa - This fig comes from the UC Riverside breeding program. It can large, which I love, up to 90grams. It's also productive which is another plus.
Purchased from Harvey

15. Calabrese BV - I got this from a trade with a forum member and it's rooted already. I'm never 100% sure what the figs will turn out to be with trades. So we shall see I guess with this one.

Update: Cuttings rotted from over watering

16. Calderwood Unknown
I received this plant through a trade. The fruit looks spectacular and the leaves are unique, reminds me of a Black Madeira. This might be an LSU Tiger.

17. Manresa - excellent BIG figs of Balearic Island. When its ripe, cracks will form on the fig. It's suppose to rain resistant from what I've read. It also has early brebas and a very early main crop  which is perfect for the PNW

18. Tim Climer Unknown -
I traded for a Sals Corleone and a Tim Climer from another fig enthusiast. I purchased both last year as well but my Tim Climer died when up potted.

Encanto Farms - I'll probably never buy again from Encanto Farms again. I thank you for your great forum but He charges $8 shipping and doesn't combine shipments. Unless I'm getting 4 different boxes I shouldn't be charge $32 for something that will probably cost him $6 bucks to ship. THAT IS NOT COOL!

19. Bursa
20. Encanto
21. Guilbeau

22. Black Beauty, 10 BB-10 fig - There's a lot of hype about this fig this year. It seams to be the latest and greatest fig for 2017.

Dan's Ebay description:

"This auction is for four cuttings of Dan's Black Beauty 10 (BB-10)  fig cuttings.  These come from my most prized fig variety BB-10. It is the best out of the hundreds of varieties that I have studied.  It is a very special variety that I found growing right here is South Louisiana about 8 years ago.  I alone know the provenance of this fig and have reported such in great detail on my Cajun fig Blog.  BB10 is completetly different from ALL known European/Mediterranean figs currently known in the US. That is  because of its unique heritage and how it evolved over the last thousand years.  The DNA of this fig in unique and different from all known black figs. I can gurantee you that you will not find this fig variety growing anywhere in the US under some other really is that rare. All provenace was documented in debth on my Cajun fig blog.
Do not buy these cuttings because BB-10 is extremely rare variety........NEVER buy fig cuttings just because they are rare.  Rather......Buy this BB-10 variety because of its documented excellent fruiting and growing characteristics   which are as follows:

BB-10 is FMV free (very important for both productivity and logevity), superior flavor (both rich and complex taste....which is off the chart GOOD!) , productivity (two crops in zone 9). early season variety (very important for northern growers who have a short grow season), Beautiful black figs, figs medium to large in size, Beautiful leaves......easy to root.  Better tasting and much more productive than all black figs that I have ever tested/tasted (hundreds), Cold Hardy, and Rain Tolerant (closed eye). 

Early ripening, superior taste, and high productivity (i.e. many figs that are close together along each branch) is what makes this fig variety so special. And why you should buy it.......they don't get better than BB-10 !!"

23. German Green - Not a ton of info on this fig

24. Green Greek - Acquired through a trade I'm hoping to compare it to my brothers green greek which was spectacular last year.

25. LSU Red

26. Early Violet

27. Eastern Brown Turkey

28. Gypsy Gold - Very thick flavored fig with berry accents multiple colored pulp. MOSTLY SINGLE LOBED LEAVES

"History. .......
Found this tree in a gypsy compound in Louisiana. .

29. Negretta 
Anything purchased from Herman is going to a reliability cold hardy. He is from New Jersey and has been trialing fig varieties for much much longer than I have.

30. Verdino Nord
I literally know nothing about this fig besides it's an unknown from Florida. It's suppose to be vigorous and productive

31. Borda Barraquer
Another Fig from Pons collection.

32.  Acciano - These did not root. They were already dead when received.

33. Tia Penya

34. Del Sen Jaume Gran

35. Capoll Curt Negra

36. Jin Ao Fen
I got my Jin Ao Fen AKA Orphan fig from a generous member. This one has been on my wishlist for about a yr

37. Paratjal Rimada 

38. Col De Dame Blanca/Negra
39. Maltese Beauty
40. JFE Black Madeira

41. Enrico 
42. Pananas Purple
43. Pellegrino

44. Markopoulo

45. Cul D'asse

 46. Madeira Island Black

Wish list:
Bass's Favorite - I want to see why these are going for over $200 for a tree

I bought a new 48" heat mat to help with the cuttings. It raises the temperature to help with the rooting process. So far it's been help the condensation with in each cup. I'm a bit worried that it will cause mold so I may have to open the bags from the cups more to let more moisture evaporate. The temperature was a bit too hot and dried out the medium way too quickly. I layered a piece of card board on top and now the temperature is perfect at about 77 degrees. I ended up killing my LSU Tigers and Granthams Royal from drying out prior to laying down the piece of card board.

Update: 02/10/17 New cuttings are in their cups. I simply used perlite and bark.

update: 02/15/17
Harvey's cuttings have arrived.

Update: 3/3/17
Things are coming along nicely. However because of the heating mat. I have to water the cups every 3 days.

Update: 3/20/17
Jurupa, Martins' Unk, and Frank Salernos Unk have graduated to 1 gallons.

So has the Tauro from Harvey.

Update: 03/29/17

Brandon Unk, Tauro, Violetta, and De La Gloria are graduating to 1 gallons.

** Please note: photos are from the sellers of the plants and not mine. If I ever sell anything photos will always be from my stock.


  1. Dear Ben, Thanks for very good information, I live in Canada, Vancouver Area, I tried couple varieties last year, results are not good due to low-sweet fig, I think that I will try again this year, For outdoor inground fig tree, I will try Desert King, Vern Brown turkey, Osborn Prolific, Those are very sweet figs, Any suggestion?

  2. add Olympian, Violet De Bordeaux, Ronde De Bordeaux, Marseilles, and maybe even Lognue De Auot

  3. Thanks for your reply, I have Olympian in ground due to hyped story, I am disappointed with Olympian, It looks/grows as local unknown fig tree with same low sweet bronze long neck figs, I like high sweet fig as "Desert king", I stay away from Hardy Chicago varieties (MtEtna) due to lower sweet fig, I think those fig tree in our cool summer, They produces near un-sweet fig.
    I got VDB and Marseilles from 3 sources, not sure who has good one.
    Trying to get RDB without luck.
    I have LDA from cuttings, it is fast growing as 6 feet in pot with tiny fig now, look forward for its fig.
    Trying to get Celeste family LSU xxx without luck, I heard that they are quite sweet in our cool climate.

  4. Wow, you have lots of new varieties this year, so cool, Look forward for your results.