Monday, January 16, 2017

What figs will produce reliably grown outdoors here in Seattle?

As part of my on going trials on fig growing here in Seattle. I have amassed a large number of varieties. 225 is the last count. But because we have sooo many "made up" names out there I'm sure the actual number is close to 100 or less true varieties.

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There are some figs that have 10 different names. I truly wish that folks would do their research before making up a name of a fig.  I too have made the mistake when I asked a forum member to help ID the Gene's Vashon fig. I was initially told that it was called a "Vashon Violet" when it was really the Gene's Vashon. Vashon Violet is really a brunswick. And the variety I have is way different from a Brunswick.

Anyhow, I love collecting figs but I'm also tired of maintaining so many pots and plants. So my goal from the beginning has been to grow figs that do well here in Seattle. In most cases it means looking for Figs that have a great Breba crop.

My Ultimate Breba Crop list:

I also want to plant the Seattle Hardy Varieties in Ground. In the pass few years I have planted the following varieties in ground:

1. Violet De Bordeaux - Very great producer of Brebas the 1st year I put it in ground.
2. Ronde De Bordeaux - Ok producer of main crops here. I would've had more if it wasn't for the squirrels
3. Longue D'out - It did not ripen this year, but it did last year when i had in in a pot. It may take a little time to adjust to being in ground. If it doesn't produce this coming year I will re pot it and put it in a sunnier place
4. Chicago Hardy - Good producer, I got a few main crop this year in ground
5. Vern's Brown Turkey - Super productive in ground tree! Must have for Seattle In ground
6. Olympian - Reliable producer of long beautiful brebas
7. Gene's Vashon - Very reliable and tasty producer of breba and main crops on more established trees
8. Osborn Prolific - A single crop that produces late
9. Desert King - My favorite breba!
10. Peters Honey - The brebas on Peter's Honey is way tastier than the main crop which I find too sweet

in 2017 I will plant the following varieties in ground:

1. Grantham's Royal
2. Marseilles
3. Conadria
4. Petite Negra
5. Lattarula
6. Cordi Stella
7. Unk Brandon St Fig
8. Takoma Violet
9. Excell
10. Flanders
11. Nordland
12. Florea - this is a real early producer
and more

I only want to keep a handful of figs that require protection. Specifically those that have a taste that makes it worth the extra effort. It's a short list.

1. Black Madeira
2. *Golden Riverside from Santa Cruz

And some rare ones
1. Galicia Negra
2. Ponte Tressa
3. Any of my Col De Dames
4. I-258
5. Preto
6. Martinenca Rimada
7. Paratjal Rimada
8. White Madeira
9. Black Ischia
10. Genovese Nero
11. BB10
12. Pellegrino
13. Dolce calderai
14. Mutante
15. Biffaro Zeus
and more

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