Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fig of the Week. #22 Green Greek

Green Greek Fig

Hardiness: Hardy to Zone 8B
Type: Unifere
Fruit Ripens: September - October
Fruit Color: Olivey Dark Green
Taste: Jammy with raspberry tones very sweet
Fruit Weight: 25G

We collected the Green Greek fig from a knowledgeable local member of the Fig Addiction group here in Seattle. From what I can tell the color is very different from anything that I can find online. So most of what I have to describe about this fig is through first hand experience.

Most of the other Green Greeks I found were of a very light green color. So like many other figs out there there could be several varieties out there with this name. It's a possibility that zone and climate may affect the color but the degree of difference that I can see is way too high compared to some other green greeks that I found online.

This is a relatively cold hardy fig that did not require that much protection here in Seattle. By that I meant that it was brought into the greenhouse for winter but I'm willing to bet that it will do well outdoors as well. It's a single crop and ripens through the month of September here in Seattle.

The taste is sharply sweet with very strong raspberry tones. It's definitely a keeper and would make a great addition to any collection.

Green Greek Compared to a Smith on the right

Taste: 8.75
Size: 4
Productivity: 7
Total =  19.75

Tasting Video

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