Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tasting Review of the Peter's Honey, Shiro Plum, Spartan Apple, Desert King, and Gene's Vashon

Tasting Review of the Peter's Honey, Shiro Plum, Spartan Apple, Desert King, and Gene's Vashon

Peter's Honey Breba:

I think the Peter's honey grown in ground here in the PNW is a great compliment to other mild weather figs such as the Desert King, Vern's Brown Turkey, Olympian and VDB. What they have in common is that they all do well here in ground. But that's about it. The flavor profiles are so different and they all encompass the various flavors of figs. Berry tone (VDB), Melon Tone (Vern's BT), Honey tones (Peter's Honey), and the classic figgy taste (Olympian). 

The Peter's Honey fig is such a sweet fig. It's like pure honey! Even on the breba the figs are super duper sweet. The breba I ate recently was so syrupy and thick with honey. I felt like I was going to get diabetes with each bite. All kidding aside Peter's honey is a great honey fig. The main crop may not ripen here but the breba's certainly make a great snack.

If you live in Seattle add this to your in ground collection.

Taste: 7
Sweetness: 9
Size: 6 (54.4grams)
Productivity: .66
Total =  22.66

Shiro Plum:
I purchased this plum tree from a local seller. Her sells them out of his backyard. He's got great trees and for a fair price. It's been a superb grower in my yard. Very disease resistant and low maintenance. 

The plums are very delicious and usually more plump when we have more rain. But Seattle has had 55 days without rain and I only water these guys about twice a week, so they are not as juicy but the sugars have definitely concentrated and the flavor is quite good. 

Dont forget that these trees need a pollinator so if you buy one, also considering getting the following Japanese plums. 

Redheart, Early Golden, Ozark Premier, stasuma and Methley

Spartan Apple:

I have about half dozen apple varieties in my yard. Spartan by far has been the most vigorous and productive tree. It's also an early apple. Ripening in early August. 

The apple is quite pretty. It shines up nice. However based off of the the one I tried it was already quite mealy. I will have to try another from the tree to see if it's any different. I'll reserve the review until then.

Desert King:
I love the Desert King Fig. It's always so reliable and very tasty. And also very productive. I've already eaten my fill of these. A must have in ground for all cool weather climates. 

Taste: 8
Sweetness: 7
Size: 7 (61 grams)
Productivity: 2
Total =  24

Gene's Vashon:
This little guy was rooted last year. I didn't expect this little tree to bear fruit yet but it did and it wasn't too bad. 

It had a strong figgy taste with some hints of acid. Because I just had eaten the Peter's honey, this one was relatively bland compared to it. But pure sugar would've bland compared to a Peter's Honey.

My thoughts on this fig after a few yrs is that it's probably in the same family as the Olympian. So if you have one or the other you don't need both.

Taste: 5.5
Sweetness: 5
Size: 5 (42 grams)
Productivity: 1
Total =  16.

My little one also wants to get into the watering fun.

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  1. I like very sweet fig, How old is your Peter honey tree? in ground?