Monday, October 16, 2017

Fig Tasting: Kathleen's Black, LSU Champagne & Wuhan + A Critter problem

Fig Tasting: Kathleen's Black, Wuhan & LSU Champagne + A Critter problem

All of these figs are new to me this year. I would've had a handful of others to taste this year but there's a critter in my yard that has developed a taste for my figs. And it's done a significant amount of damage.

Here's a list of the figs that it has eaten:
1. Black Madeira
2. Pellegrino
3. LSU Gold
4. Hmari
5. Florea
6. Black Spanish
7. Dan's Favorite
8. Flanders
9. Preto
10. Brandon Unk
11. Vista
12. King

All this time I've been thinking some of these trees just do not do well and are not fruiting. When in reality this critter has been making a meal out of my expensive figs.

Kathleen's Black (10/15/17) 3yr Old Plant
1 Crop
Taste: 8.5
Sweetness: 7
Size: 3 (22.8G)
Productivity: 1
Total = 19.5

I purchased this fig because my friend David Eden said it made the Chicago Hardy taste like pig fodder. I happen to like Chicago Hardy. So this fig must be amazing. Well it took a few yrs to finally get a ripe fruit. It's on the cusp of being a late fig. In my book anything that ripens in mid October and later can be considered late in Seattle. Our heat units are lower (between 38-60F), days are shorter, and the figs are closing in on dormancy.

It was worth the wait.  I was expecting a black strawberry jammy fig. Which kinda describes hundreds of varieties figs out there. However this guy had a hint of caramel. I think it could've been sweeter too but it hasn't been hot enough to get it to optimal sweetness.

However the distinct caramel taste of this fig makes it a keeper. It's not the most productive fig but the flavor is unique which makes me like it even more.

LSU Champagne (10/15/17) 3yr Old Plant
1 Crop
Taste: 6.5
Sweetness: 5.5
Size: 2 (19.9G)
Productivity: 1
Total = 14

I'm on the fence about the LSU Champagne. It ranks very averagely for me. The flavor has a slight winey fermented taste to it, which is probably how it derived it's name. I'll keep it for another year but doubt if it's a variety I'll keep in the long run unless it changes it flavor profile drastically next year.

Wuhan (10/15/17) 3yr Old Plant
1 Crop
Taste: 2
Sweetness: 2
Size: 3 (22.2G)
Productivity: 1
Total = 8

I'm only 70% sure that this is identified as a Wuhan. Daniel Mitre from amazon sold it as a Black Madeira. I would avoid him as seller anywhere.

1 word about this fig. "AACCKK!" Avoid it.

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