Friday, October 6, 2017

Tasting figs, Vern's Brown Turkey, Osborn Prolific, Violette De Sollies, Brown Turkey, Preto

Vern's Brown Turkey Main Crop (9/13/17) 20yr old plant
Taste:  6
Sweetness: 6 
Size: 8 (72.7   grams)
Productivity:  2
Total = 22

These figs can get quite large  when picked from an established in ground tree. It's a pretty reliable producer here in the PNW. It is a single crop fig with fig ripening towards the end of September into October. 

In terms of taste this would not fall in to my top 10 but it would fall into my top 10 for the PNW weather. It's a light colored interior and gently sweet with honey tones. 

Preto Main Crop (9/29/17) 3yr old plant
Taste:  9
Sweetness: 8.5
Size:  5 (41.1 grams)
Productivity:  5
Total = 27.5

Preto is a delicious fig. It ripens at the end of September and beginning of October. Which is in line with Ronde De Bordeaux MVSB and many other figs. Which is interesting because from others account it was always listed as a late fig. 

This fig is great it ranks close to the taste of the Black Madeira. It's taste is like rich strawberry jam and perfectly sweet. Quite reliable and heavy producer!

Brown Turkey Main Crop (9/29/17) 15yr old plant
Taste:  6
Sweetness: 5 
Size:  6 (52  grams)
Productivity:  3
Total = 18

It's funny throughout the years I haven't really done any reviews on this fig. Most folks either hate it or love it. I think it's a very average fig but quite large! If you want something to fill your stomachs the Brown Turkey will do just that. Just do not expect to be blown away by it's flavor.

Marseilles VS Black Main Crop (9/29/17) 3yr old plant
Taste:  7.5
Sweetness: 7.5 
Size: 2 (18.6 grams)
Productivity:  1
Total = 18

MVSB is a great fig. Another strawberry and jammy fig but ranks quite high in my book if you had to pick a "Black, strawberry, Jammy fig".  Top 15 for sure.

Main Crop Desert King

This was inedible. -3 I couldn't even keep it down.

I could not judge the Viollette De Sollies because it was a rotten fruit.

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