Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 Collection Fig report

Ben B.'s Fig Collection Did Not Fruit Fruited Not Ripened Ripened/Date
Abebereira Preta Too young    
Abicou Too young    
Alma   X  
Alvas Verdal Too young    
Antonio Black   X  
Archipel     10/8/2017
Atreano   X  
Atreano JF   X  
Bathenjani Israel    X  
BayenFiege Violetta Too Young    
BB10 Too Young    
Beall X    
Bass's Favorite Too young    
Biffaro Zeus Too young    
Black Ischia   X  
Black Jack Spanish     7/31/17 Breba
black madeira Churl82      
Black Madeira Daniel Mitre Fake Fake Fake
Black Madeira David Eden   X  
Black Madeira figrific     10/10/2017
Black Madeira JFE Too Young    
black madeira Rfactor   X  
Black mission  X    
Black Portugal Unk   X  
Black Triana Too young    
Black Zadar     11/5/2017
Blava  Too young    
Bornholm Nexoe Too young    
Bourjassotte Grise   X  
Bourjassotte Noire    X  
Bradisotte Blanca   X  
Bradisotte Negra   X  
Bronze Paradiso   X  
Bursa Black Siyahi Too young    
Bursa Encanto Too young    
Calabrese BV Too young    
Capoll Curt Negra Too young    
Carne Doncella MP Too young    
Castanhol   X  
Celeste     9/30/2017
Celeste Family Fav X    
Chicago Hardy   c 10/10/2017
Chiopetta/Cosenza X    
Col De Dame Blanc X    
Col De Dame Multicolor Too young    
Col De Dame Brun X    
Col De Dame Ciutat Too young    
Col De Dame Grise X    
Col De Dame Noir  X    
Col De Dame Roja X    
Conadria X    
Cordi Stella X    
Cravins Crave Too young    
Cul D'asse Too Young    
Dalmatie  X    
Dans Favorite     10/12/2017
Dark Portuguese       9/28/2017
Dauphine   X  
Dei Nebrodi Too Young    
Deos Negra Too Young    
De La Gloria     9/20/2017
De La Senyora Too young    
Deanna   X SPLIT  
Desert King     7/25/2017
Dr. Gowaty Too Young    
Dolce Calderai Too Young    
Emalyns Purple   X  
Encanto Too Young    
Excel   X  
Fico Gentile   X  
Fiorone Di Ruvo Graft on Gillette     7/31/17 & 10/04/17
Flanders   X CRITTER  
Florea     8/14/2017
Fracazano Bianco Fig    X  
Fragola Nero Too young    
Galicia Negra Figrific X    
Galicia Negra Willis X    
GE Neri Too young    
Gene's Vashon     7/31/2017
Genoa X    
Genovese Nero Rafed     8/23/2017
Genovese Nero Robs   X CRITTER  
Gillette     7/14/2017
Ginos Black   X  
Golden Riverside     10/5/2017
Granthams Royal - Kiwibob X    
Granthams Royal - Slavi     7/19/2017
Greek Papa  X    
Green Goliath     7/4/2017
Green Greek   X  
Green Jolly Tiger   X CAPRI?  
Grise De St Jean X    
Gros Monstreuse Di Liapri X    
Hardy Hartford X    
Hmari      10/4/2017
Hollier  X    
Igo X    
Italian 258   X  
Italian 376 Cuttings X    
Italian Black    x  
Jack Lily x    
JH Adriatic    X  
Jin Ao Fen Too young    
Jurupa Too Young    
Kadota  X    
Karachi Green  X    
Kathleens Black      10/15/2017
King Fig     10/1/2017
koura Black Too Young    
Lake Spur X    
Lampeira Preta - Harvey Too young    
Lampeira Preta - Slavi Too young    
Laradek EBT Too young    
Latarulla     10/1/2017
Longue D'Aout X    
LSU champage     10/15/2017
LSU O Rourke  X    
LSU Purple X    
LSU Scott's Black Too young    
LSU Scotts Yellow Too young    
LSU Tiger     9/5/2017
LSU Red Too young    
Madeleine des Deux Saisons Too young    
Malta Black   X  
Malta Purple X    
Maltese Beauty X    
Marrakech Too young    
Markopoulo  Too young    
Marlow X    
Marseilles Black VS     9/29/2017
Martinenca Rimada X    
Mary Lane X    
Mavra Sika      7/19/17 & 9/12/17
Medici #2 Too young    
Melanzana    x  
Mutante Too young    
Natalina X    
Native Black Becnel Too young    
Nazarti Too young    
Negronne VBD     8/15/2017
Nero 600 Too young    
Niagara Black    x  
Noire De Barbentane X    
Noire De Bellone X    
Noire De Caromb      10/15/2017
Nordland X    
Norella X    
Ohra Tabahanosika Too young    
Olympian     8/14/2017
Oregon Prolific X    
Orphan X    
Osborne Prolific     10/5/2017
Palermo   X  
Palermo Sicily - Marcus     9/10/2017
Panache   X  
Pananas Purple   x  
Pappa John   x  
Paradiso Gene Gr   x  
Paratjal Rimada Too young    
Pastillere   X  
Pellegrino - Mario     10/4/2017
Pellegrino - Vinny Too young    
Peters honey SKY     8/8/2017
Petite Negra   x  
Pink Jerusalem  x    
Planara Too young    
Ponte Tresa X    
Porporato Too young    
Preto Fico      9/29/2017
Preto Pauls     9/29/2017
Princesa     8/1/17 & 10/01/17
Qudssaya     9/12/2017
Red Italian     X  
Red Lebanese    X  
Red Lebanese Bass   X  
Red Libya   X  
Ronde Bordeaux      10/4/2017
Salce X    
Salem Dark    X  
Sals Corleone     9/10/2017
San Piero X    
Sicilian Red X    
Smith    X  
Socorro Black   X  
St Rita X    
Sugar 12     9/10/2017
Sucrette x    
Sultane x    
Takoma Violet     9/5/2017
Tauro Too young    
Tena X    
Texas Everbearing   X  
Unknown Black Graham X    
Unknown Brandon      7/8/17 & 8/31/17
Unknown Capri Fig Stephens   X  
Unknown Ch-Italia   X  
Unknown Dwarf Golden X    
Unknown Family Fav X    
Unknown Frank Salerno Too young    
Unknown Goodwill X    
Unknown Greek Cephalonia X    
Unknown Leons Green     10/14/2017
Unknown Lous      
Unknown Martins   X  
Unknown Mercer Island Late   X  
Unknown Mt Etna   X  
Unknown Noble X    
Unknown Oxford Too young    
Unknown Purple  Too young    
Unknown Red Eye      
Unknown Sams Black      
Unknown San Jose Hellyer Black      
Unknown Sandpoint  GE Nero   X  
Unknown Santa Fe X    
Unknown single and 3 lobe X    
Unknown Teramo X    
Unknown Tim Climber X    
Unknown White Yellow X    
Unknown Yerba Buena Too young    
Valle Negra      10/4/2017
Vasilika Sika X    
Vasilika Melissi Too young    
Ventura Strawberry / Verte X    
Verdal Negra Too young    
Verdino Nord Too young    
Verns Brown Turkey     9/13/2017
Verte (green ischia)  X    
Vincenzo     7/25/2017
Violet De Bordeaux     8/14/2017
Violet Sepor   X  
Violetta Too young    
Violette Dauphine LA X    
Violette Dauphine Leon X    
Violette Sollies      10/1/2017
Vista   X  
White Geno X    
White Madeira   X  
Wuhan     10/15/2017
Yellow Long Neck  X    
Zingarella     11/4/2017


  1. What is your evaluation of the Bathenjani Israel fig?

  2. This is extremely useful and helpful Ben.
    Keith K.