Monday, November 6, 2017

Zingarella Fig Tasting 2017

I didn't realize that Zingarella was such a late fig. I didn't get a fig from it until November.

Zingarella (11/01/17) 2yr Old Plant - Cold weather greenhouse ripened
Taste: 7
Sweetness: 5
Size: 2 (18G)
Productivity: 2
Total = 16

I had 2 ripe figs that I pulled off of this young tree. They almost appear to be brebas. So far all of the cold weather ripened figs have been disappointing but the zingarella still managed to keep some decent flavor. The problem with late ripening figs in November is that they do not have the heat to get it sweet enough.

It was mildy sweet with more melony tones. Much like the Black Zadar. It's a keeper but I need to see if i can get it fruit sooner with some tricks next year. 

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