Monday, November 6, 2017

Black Zadar Fig - A really Late breba November 2017

I never thought I'd pick a ripe Breba in November. Well the Black Zadar went and proved me wrong. It's been snowing all week and this guy still managed to ripen in 30 degree temps and short days.

Black Zadar (11/05/17) 2yr Old Plant - Cold weather greenhouse ripened
Taste: 7.5
Sweetness: 5
Size: 9 (86G)
Productivity: 4
Total = 25.5

The crazy things is, it was the Breba on this tree. I really love the fact that this fig is so different from everything that I've seen. It's bell shape is very reminiscent of an LSU Gold.

At 86grams this thing is pretty large. The biggest fig from the garden this year i think.

Because it grew all year in the greenhouse it never got much darker. Figs need the light of the sun to get their skin color.

I was half expecting this thing to taste like garbage because of the lack of heat and sun but it turned out surprisingly tasty. It certainly has all the attributes to make it great fig. Minus the fact that it's breba ripen in November!!! I wouldn't recommend this fig to be grown outdoor in any colder climate.

The flavor was like Honeydew with a mild sweetness. Both Nolan and I enjoyed it. Now if I could coax this fig to ripen sooner it will be an amazing fig,

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