Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fig of the week. #13 Lattarula

Fig of the week. Lattarula AKA Italian Honey | Marseilles

Hardiness: Survives the Seattle Winter
Type: Bifere
Fruit Ripens: July and Mid Sept
Fruit Color: Green with Dark Spots and honey colored interior
Taste: Sweet and has nice flavor
Fruit Weight: 25grams

Another great fig for the PNW's cool summer and mild winters. Also known as the Italian honey, this fig bears two crops and works well for areas with a short season. Once mature this fig will produce a ton of figs over 2-3 months.

This fig adapts well to container growing, as it maxes out at 8-10ft. Be careful when winter pruning to not kill off all your breba branches.

Main crop ripens in Mid September.
Greenish fig with dark spots that appear with ripeness
Amber flesh
Honey sweet with slight berry tones
Thin skin
Best to harvest when it's overly ripe


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