Friday, June 10, 2016

And the first fig of the season is...

Ronde De Bordeaux.

It's only the first week of June and I did not expect to get a ripe fig so soon. But my RDB pushed out this little guy. I somewhat forgot about it and it hung on the tree a tad too long. Not quite sure if it was a breba or not but it did get a head start in the garage.

It's a bit puny but it was also unexpected.

Ronde De Bordeaux: Breba
Taste: 8
Size: 1
Productivity: 1 (Only 1 ripened)
Total = 13

It dried out a bit on the tree.

The color reminds me of a Galicia Negra Fig

The taste was very amazing! Everything was concentrated from drying out on the tree. It was like eating honey strawberry jam. So good

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