Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fig Plants for Sale!!

Fig plants for Sale. $12 Each or 2 for $20. These are grown from cuttings that could potential grow up to 3ft this summer with proper care. Limited quantities available.

You can search this blog for all the varieties listed below for more info.

Varieties Include:
Brown Turkey
Desert King
Osborne Prolific
Gene's Vashon
Petite Negra

Hellyer Black - Medium Black figs - very sweet and tasty

Other unknown varieties for sale as well
Brandon unknown fig - Dark green to purple fig delicious tasting fig
3 Lobe Unknown - Dark fig
Mercer island unknowns

Pre rooted Cuttings in bags also available starting at $5 each.

Email me to setup a time.


  1. Do you know when you will have any Smith figs available?

  2. Started a few cuttings htis year but none of them took unfortunately. So perhaps this fall for cuttings.