Monday, June 27, 2016

Tasting The 1st Violette De Bordeaux this Season

Eating my very first ripe brebas from my Violette De Bordeaux fig. It was delicious! I have mine in ground and in pots.

This is a great fig to grow in ground here in Seattle. I love the texture difference of the in ground tree.  It's so much juicier.

Viollette De Bordeaux: Breba
Taste: 7
Size: 2.5
Productivity: 7 (Very Productive for a small tree)
Total = 16.5


  1. Hello,greeting from Malaysia. That figs looks unique with a nice interior. That goes straight into my wish list.

    I am still new with figs and right I am working on my technique to grow figs from cuttings. This might out of topic, but I want to ask you how do you transplant your rooted cuttings? Till now I have no success when it comes to transplant. The cuttings wilt within a day.

  2. What are you transplanting to? A bigger pot or ground?

    1. I transplant to bigger pot. I use potting mix from nursery,that contain sand,peatmoss,cocopeat. I not sure about the ratio though.

  3. hmm strange too much water or not enough possibly? Any ferts?

  4. I think there is to much water, the media look soaked, maybe lack of drainage. I put little bit of organic fertilisers.