Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Growing Pawpaws in Seattle

So besides my fascination with figs, Paw Paws are 2nd on the list for fruits that I'm extremely fascinated with.

First of all they are the largest American fruit. However sadly, I haven't yet to taste the fruit. I've heard it been described as a custardy banana even though they resemble a mango.

My initial experience with this fruit came from buying some small bareroot pawpaw seedlings off of Ebay.  2 out of 3 took but then quickly died the next winter. Fail #1

I then bought 2 larger bare root plants and those never woke from their dormancy. Fail #2

So I bucked up and bought 2 live plants from Flower world in Monroe. I put them in ground last year and this year they are still alive so I'm extremely excited about that.

The larger of the 2 trees also set flowers to my surprise. It could be our unnaturally warm weather too that is causing this. 90s in Early April is record setting here.

Paw paws do not ship well so it probably explains why not many Americans know about them. They are also only pollinated by one type of moth, which explains why not everyone has success growing them. I did speak to someone who has experience with them here in WA and they used the trick of tying a piece of chicken or fish to the tree to attract flies.

And if you hate flies you can always hand pollinate.

The flowers turn from green to deep red as it blooms.

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  1. Hi Ben!

    I'm in Seattle, looking for the same thing - I want to try paw paws, and even maybe start my own tree to pollinate. Have you had success? And if you have - are there any suckers you'd be willing/able to share?