Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's take a tour of the garden and see what's alive today

It's April in Seattle, let's see what the progress of the fruit trees are like.

Shiro Plum: Tiny but there's dozens more growing on the plant: 4/15/16

Update on the Shiro: 5/09/16 in about a month its put on some serious fat

update: 7/2/16

Rubinette Apple: Not a lot of new growth but it's still early in the year. Definitely much more flowers than last year.

Update: 5/15/16

Blueberry Tree:

In ground Pakistani Mulberry. It survived the winter here well. Hopefully this year it does not abort it's fruit.


Hosui Asian Pear:
update: 5/16/16

Illinois Ever bearing Mulberry is also showing fruit.

Jujube li and lang are just starting to break bud.
update: 5/16/16

3rd year Goji Berry should produce tons of fruits this year.

My Pawpaws are starting to break bud.

My tiny Rainier Cherry Tree just finished flowering. This little guy was the last bare root at Mclendan's. Nobody wanted it because it was probably too small. Works perfect for me. 

My 3rd year seed grown Pomegranates will hopefully get bigger this year. I'm not holding my breath for fruit though, It may require another couple of yrs. I had about 10 of these home grown plants and gave away most of them to friends and family.

One weeks worth of growth

The Columnar Sentinel Apple is looking pretty. Years 1 and 2 only gave me 2 fruits. Hopefully this year will be different.

Kiwis are moving into their 3rd year. Still too early to get any fruits. I think they start fruit between years 4-5.
update: 5/16/16

The 3rd year Asparagus is ready to be harvested.

My ridiculous looking Italian plum with a graft that didn't take under the bag.

One of my nectarines. These were the best tasting fruit in my garden last year. I have a few. I'm looking forward to more of these this year. 

Donut Peach

Update: July 2016

The Honeyberry plant is looking bigger and fuller than ever.

Fuyu Persimmon
 Update: 5/16/16

Update: July

Petite Negra left outdoors for the winter

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