Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Longan 2016 updates

I've been growing this longan or dragon eye for about a season. I wasn't able to root any from seed so I bucked up and bought a seedling from ebay.

In the past as a child my first fascination with gardening came from sprouting my very own longan seeds. I never was able to keep any of them alive very long though. But now I guess I have the opposite problem.
I can keep them alive but can't seem to sprout them.
The longan has done very well indoors. It prefers a lower pH soil and didn't take off growing until I mulched pine needles and bark in the pot from one of my loads of free wood chips.
It's grown a foot over the winter. I hope it doubles that this growing season.



The red leaves are new growth

 June 2016


August 1. Up Potted

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