Wednesday, April 13, 2016

White Sapote from Bill Merill the Greendgardenguy1 from Youtube

I enjoy watching Bill on his youtube channel. He grows a variety of Sub tropical fruits like Sapote, dragon fruit, and jaboticaba to name a few. He's funny and thoroughly loves eating fruits. So do I. minus the awesome beard, we are a lot alike. =)

I still miss the Bay Area climate, where Bill grows a lot of his fruit trees. Back when I was living there, I was too young at the time to care about growing fruit trees. But seeing how Bill has grown alot of the tropical fruit trees in the Bay Area successfully, he has inspired me to try to grow my own here in Seattle. I know know I can't grow them outside in the winters here but for now I do not mind shuffling them in and out for the winters. It's a labor of love.

I bought some White Sapote from Bill and and I'm getting ready to root them.

I'm pretty sure Bill had the pleasure of personally cleaning the delicious flesh from these seeds that have just arrived. LOL.

 I took these seeds chucked them into a plastic bag with moist coco coir and perlite. The same stuff I use to root my figs with.

In 4-6 weeks we should have some spouts. Hopefully...

Update: 4/30/16 It only took 2 weeks to sprout Bill's Sapote.

Update: 5/9/16

Update: 5/26/16

Update: 95% of the seeds sprouted!

I accidentally vacuumed the upper right leaf when I was cleaning around the plant.


  1. How is the white sapote? I’m in Seattle & sapote or jaboticaba are ones I’ve always wanted to try growing. Could you give and update on either?