Monday, August 22, 2016

Akane Apples and other harvested items from the garden


My Akane Apples have ripened and they are quite tasty. Crispy with a very tart kick. White flesh and Red skin. There's a nice bite and vinous flavor with each chew the sweet tart flavor soaks your tongue.

I don't know if the fruit socks did more or less damage to the fruit. It may have protected them from apple worms but the earwigs seem to love living in the open flaps. So most of the fruit had 1 or 2 living in them. They dined on the ripening fruit and left unsightly scars.

Next year I will have to leave earwig traps and remove them manually. They've ravage my peaches to which I was not happy about.

I've read that leaving out balled up newspaper by the base of the tree will coax them in. But then you'll have to probably drown or burn the paper to get rid of the earwigs in them.

And from other parts of the graden. Asian Pears from my combination tree and cucumbers and lemon cucumbers.

Sungold tomatoes and Serrano peppers

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