Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Peter's Honey Fig Breba 2016 - Grown in Ground this year.

Peter's Honey Fig Breba 2016 - Grown in Ground this year.

I was contemplating of getting rid of this tree last year because I thought is was too sweet and the skin was too leathery. I'm glad I did not. Because this year I got a chance to taste the brebas and boy are they good!

The skin was much thinner. And the flavor was much better than a main crop fig. More melony tones which I prefer. Last year it was just pure honey. It was also much bigger then last year. 55grams vs 22grams

One thing to note I had a sprinkler on timer on these trees and they have helped with the juiciness.

This is an extremely productive tree. Every branch is just littered with figs. It's also a long season producer. Which makes a great compliment to extend your fig eating season.

I take back everything I said about this fig last year. It's a winner in my book (when planted in ground here)

Peter's Honey left / Osborn Prolific Right. Interesting thing to note. The 2016 Brebas have a tinge of purple in them.

2015 the main crop is completely golden. These are from the same tree.

Watch the video.

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