Monday, August 8, 2016

King Fig from Portland Nursery

King Fig from Portland Nursery

When I initially bought this plant from Portland nursery last year. I was thinking that it probably is a Desert King. Hence the King in the name. So I gambled and bought one anyways. I like Desert King so what's another plant to the collection?

Well this year, it ripened a little tiny green guy and it sure wasn't a Desert King.

The size was small but it packed a very good punch in terms of flavor. It has raspberry tones and quite juicy for a little fig. I'm not quite sure what to compare it to yet. Maybe an Ischia type??

King Fig - Breba
Taste: 6.8
Size: 2
Productivity: 2 (Only 1 ripened)
Total = 10.8

Watch the video here.

Update on the Main crop: My guess is that this King fig might be a filacciano bianco

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Image may contain: plant, outdoor, food and nature

Image may contain: plant, food and outdoor

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