Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Osborn Prolific - The other strain

I trade cuttings with another collector late last year. It was Osborn Prolific for Osborn prolific. Mine was Green and Purple with an amber interior and hers was red with a yellow skin.

So we traded. Let's just call this Osborn Prolific type 2 for the sake of not confusing things.

This is the Osborn that I know. AKA Neveralla.  
This one is yellow green with purple burgundy tones

The Interior is white to amber colored and only has one crop.

The one I traded for. It's red on the inside and yellow green on the skin. Interesting eh?


Now the tree it came off of is still very tiny. It's a 1st year cutting so I was surprised there were any fruit at all. It weighed in at 17 grams

This is the Osborn Prolific next to a Peter's Honey breba. Osborn is on the right. I didnt expect too much from such a small plant. The flavor was a bit disappointing and bland. I'll have to wait until next year to see how it will taste.

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