Monday, August 29, 2016

Myrica Rubra a Successful Sprout!

After a 4 months and about 100 seeds I have 1 successful sprout of Myrica Rubra. I'm excited but also somewhat not too hopeful since you need a male and female plant to successfully produce fruit with this plant.

Myrica Rubra seeds are notorious for losing viability soon after leaving the fruit. So the germination rates are extremely low.

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I have a cup over the new seedling to maintain the same humidity as the bag it sprouted from. The cup next to it is a Noni plant. The cups have holes in them to keep it from getting too humid.

After about 2 weeks in its new pot.

9/10/16 A second Spout!

Update 1/15/17:

For some strange reason both my Myrica Rubra Sprouts have browned and died.

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  1. Great job! Was wondering what stratification process you used to get these to sprout.