Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another try at Muntingia Calubra the Cotton Candy Tree (Jamaican Cherry)

I'm giving this tree another shot. This time I bought it through etsy and it's a smaller tree than the previous ones I've purchased.

AKA - Kerson Fruit, Jamaican Cherry

Well the good news is, is that it survived the shipping, unlike it's predecessors. Hopefully I can keep this one alive long enough to taste the fruit!

Update: 7/30/17
I've read that this is a fast growing plant and it sure is. Here it is 1 month later. it's doubled in size in 1 month.

Update: 8/16/17

This tree grows faster than I can believe. It started off at 12 inches and 2 months later it has hit 36 inches.

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