Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Bonsai your fig

I helped my brother move some stuff over the weekend and he had these beautiful bonsai planters laying around collecting spiders. So I asked if I could have them. 

I searched my collection for a fig plant with the smallest leaves and saw my petite negra fig that I had grown from laying a cutting horizontally in the soil. This particular little guy already had a nice tree shape to it.

By rooting it flat, this eliminated the ugly stump look of a cutting and makes the plant appear as if it was grown from seed.

I've also wrapped the branches with some metal wiring so I can train it to bend in certain ways. 

Since this will be bonsai'ed I will use very low nitrogen fertilizers so that the plant doesn't grow too large for the bowl. My focus will be on fruit and also to grow the trunk thicker without letting it grow too tall. 

I'll use Silica blast to strengthen the cell walls and help it grow a nice thick trunk. Stay tune for updates.

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