Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brandon St. Unknown Fig

I've sent some of the Brandon St. Unknown figs cuttings to a handful of fig growers and there are reports that it is the earliest ripening breba in their collection. Which is probably why it can ripen 2 crops here in Seattle.

"I've never had a fig (breba) this early in Lancaster...ever. It was raining today and had been a pretty mild spring. The variety was binbin's "Unk Brandon". Binbin has some really BA unknown varieties. Anyway, despite the rain, the fig was really sweet, slight crunch and absolutely delicious. It didn't split, and the flavor was not diluted ( although it was my first one ever, so I don't know if the flavor would be even more concentrated under better conditions). My daughter thought it tasted like a ripe strawberry, and I'm inclined to agree. Prior to today, the first brebas I've had were desert king (June 28) and rockaway green (June 30). "

Bill from

My guess is that this fig is from the Celeste family. What makes it stand out is that it holds it's Brebas and ripens an early Breba and Main crop.

Which is unlike the other celestes that I have here.

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