Friday, September 4, 2015

New Cuttings: Pellegrino, Hmari and Bathenjani


So I'm slowly trying to wean myself off of Ebay. The season is closing and I've already spent way too much money on figs this yr. My collection is pushing into about 70 varieties.

"I've become a fig hoarder"


These just arrived. And my adrenaline begins to pump again.

 Osborn Prolific Yellow variety from a generous forum member which I traded with.

I'm very curious about this because the Osborn prolific that I thought I had looks much different than this.

Here's mine insides white and amber vs red like the one above. I might have a Beall on my hands. So many varieties!

More figs more problems!

I also received 2 varieties originally from Israel.

Hmari and Bathenjani . I'm including the photos of the fruit. Don't they look amazing?

And the cherry on top, I received some cuttings from a friend.
 There isn't a name yet for this fig as far I can find, at the moment Vinny is calling the Pellegrino Zucchello fig from where he found it.

The size of the fruit is what amazes me, it's long and shaped  like a football. It's practically the size of one too. I can't wait to grow this variety here in Seattle since the weather is very similar to where he lives.

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