Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How to root Fig cuttings using the "Fig Pop" Method

I thought I was done buying cuttings but this year has been difficult for me to kick the urge of new figs. So many in fact that I ran out of bin space for cups. So I had to go to the Bag Method as I call it the fig pop method.

There's several advantages of using this method. But first of all let's start with the mix and supplies needed.

I've had great success direct planting cuttings straight into pots. But when you're limited on space and do not want to waste more soil than necessary into an entire pot, especially when you're using HP Promix, which is not the cheapest medium out there. Using the bag method seems to be the best idea.

I love HP promix, but at $39 for 3CU Ft it can get pricey and it's not always available year around at the local nurseries.

HP Promix ingredients:

Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (65-75%)
Perlite - horticultural grade
Dolomitic and Calcitic limestone (pH adjuster)
Wetting Agent
MYCORRHIZAE™ mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices)

So I've created my own mix using the cheaper peat moss bags. at $11 for 3cuft and a giant perlite bag at $17 for 4cuft. + A box of Mycorrhizae $25 that will last for a long time. You only need a few teaspoons of the Mycorrhizae per batch.

So for about $30 I can make about 7cuft of mix.

My Mix:
Peat moss - 65%
Perlite - 35%
Mycorrhizae - 2 spoon full mixed in water.

Works just as well.  I left out the lime because the cuttings don't need it until they get up potted.

I got my 4x16 Uline bags from EBay

Anyhow I really like this method because it has so many benefits.

1. Space - you can fit so many more of these bags in a bin compared to cups
2. Fungus Gnats - I do not cut holes in my bags instead I using a toothpick to aerate it, leaving no open area for the fungus gnats to get into
3. Moisture control - If you have the medium moist and not dripping wet the bags will not dry out as quickly
4. The length of the bags make so that a humidity bin is not necessary, just tape the opening at the top

There's a million ways to root figs this just another. I hope you find it useful.

How to up pot.


  1. Hi did you add limestone to your potting mix (I think it’s to get the acidic peat moss back toward neutral)

  2. Awesome thanks for the info... going to attempt to make some fig pops today!

  3. Hello Ben I'm JLB on ourfigs a newbie to figs up to 66 variety now in 8b zone in south Mississippi high humidity and plenty of rain in early spring and summer maybe our climates are similar and also trying to find which varieties ate best to grow here most people around here have only tried celeste, brown turkey and a few lsu varities question on the fig pop method which I am currently trying is do u use rooting hormone if not why not? I really like your videos u seem like a good guy and a good dad your little guy is a kick munching on the figs and u have a great presence on camera alot of u tubers just don't have keep up the good work

  4. JLB another question o the pops your not using heat mats do u root under lights or just keep the room temp around 76 then put under lights once leaves develop? thanks

    1. Exactly no heat mats this year. I just leave them at room temperature 72 ish

  5. Ben,

    Is there link I missed to the recipe? I.e., how much perlite to peat moss to myko?



    1. Peat moss - 65%
      Perlite - 35%
      Mycorrhizae - 2 spoon full mixed in water.

  6. Hi, what was your success rate with this method on average?