Monday, July 27, 2015

Air Pruning Pot Update 7/26/15

It's undeniable that air pruning pots are the way to go with growing bigger healthier plants. These are Kadota Figs rooted at the same time in the same medium.

*The only one thing to note is that the air pruning pot does have a higher volume of soil. Which may account for some.


  1. i am a big fan of air pruning pots myself, for growing bonsai. But judging by the videos i see on youtube, from across the world, there seems to be a massive ignorance about it worldwide. Everywhere the traditional plastic pot with smooth sides and very few drainage holes at the bottom seems to be the standard. Why is this ? Why arent air pruning pots common in shops, nurseries and homes ? I am really puzzled. Thanks, for your perspective on this.

  2. My guest is cost of producing regular pots is cheaper. Air pruning pots seems to be 3-5x higher

  3. Some great videos on air pruning roots automatically -