Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cold Hardy figs to Zone 7B - Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

As I go through my 2nd year of growing figs. I'm starting to compile data on how figs will do here in the PNW.

Last year I had Negronne, Desert King, Petite Negri, & Brown Turkey. All of which did fine in our Seattle winters without any protection.

This year as my list grows to some of the more rare varieties I'll have to be more diligent about protecting certain varieties.

This list is compiled from information that I've collected online from other growers.
Figs Hardiness Breba Fruit Ripens Fruit Color Pot or Gr
Atreano  Cold tolerant Yes july and sept light green Pot/Gr
Black Madeira Shuffle No Late Oct Black Pot
Black mission Shuffle Yes Late Black/Red Pot
Brown Turkey x2 Cold - Yes July Brown/Red Gr.Pot
Celeste / Malta / Tennessee/ Violette Cold - Yes Aug Brown/Pink Pot/Gr
Chicago Hardy Cold - No Aug Purple Gr
Col De Dame Noir Shuffle No Oct Dark Purple Pot
Conadria  fairly hardy Yes July-Aug Yellow green Pot/Gr
Cordi Stella (Adriatic?)/Ventura/Dalmstie? Cold - Yes July & Sept Yellow green Gr
Desert King Cold - Yes July & August Yellow green Gr
Green Jolly Tiger Shuffle No Mod late Striped Pot
Hollier hardy July Green Pt/Gr
JH Adriatic Shuffle Late Green Pot
Kadota x 3 Somewhat hardy Late Green white Pot
King DK? Cold - July & Sept Green Gr
Latarulla/italian honey/ marseilles Cold - Yes July & Sept green yellow Gr
Peters honey Lg  Hardy Yes July & Sept Green Pot
Longue D'Aout Cold - Yes July & Sept green yellow Pot
LSU Gold Shuffle Yes Aug yellow Pot
LSU Purple Cold - July-Sept Purple Pot
Marseilles Black VS Cold Tolerant Yes July and Sept Black Pot/Gr
Maltese Falcon Shuffle Black Pot
Magnolia/Brunswick/Madonna Cold - July to August Bronze Pot/Gr
Mission Small Shuffle Yes Early Black Pot
Negronne suckers Hardy Yes July & Sept Black/Purple Pot/Gr
Negronne VBD Cold - Yes July & Sept Black/Purple Pot/Gr
Oregon Prolific/Marseilles /Latarulla Cold - Yes July & Sept Green Gr
Peters honey Hardy Yes July & Sept Green Pot
Petite Negri/Black Jack/Black Spanish/Aubique Hardy Yes July and Sept Black Pot
Red Lebanese Shuffle Yes July and Sept Red Pot
Ronde Bordeaux  Shuffle Early Sept Black/dark red Pot/Gr
Smith  Shuffle Yes Aug Green Black spots Pot
Tena Shuffle July-Aug Yellow Pot
Ventura Strawberry Hardy Yes Late Green Pot/Gr
Verns Brown Turkey Hardy Yes July & Sept Purple Br Gr
Verte Hardy Mid Green Pot/Gr
Viet's Figs x3 DK Hardy July & Sept Gr
Violet De Bordeaux/negronne Cold - Yes July & Sept Black/Purple Pot/Gr
Tissue Culture
Olympian x2 Cool climates Yes Purple Ground
LSU Purple Cold - Purple Pot
Black Mission Shuffle Yes late Black/Red Pot 

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