Monday, July 27, 2015

New Fig Air Layers


It maybe a little late but I air layered a bunch of my figs today. I cut one end of a sandwich bag and slipped the entire thing over the branch that I want the air layering on. Next I scraped the area of the branch instead of girdling it. Then I use rooting hormone powder before filling the bag with dirt.


  1. In the first pic on left, the pot on extreme left looks like an air pruning pot. Can you tell me its liquid volume, dimensions and cost when purchased ? How much would it cost today and where can it be purchased ?

  2. LOL. I went to the dollar store to buy small laundry baskets and stacked them to make the slots smaller. I between the baskets I used weed blocker. Its worked well for me. $2

  3. Thanks, thats a clever solution :-)