Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Picked a ripe Peter's Honey today!


Today I picked my 1st Peter's Honey Breba from my plant purchased at Sky Nursery. It was only 22.6 Grams. Small but it packed a ton of sugar! There were notes of honey dew and a thick honey like mouth feel but overall the flavor wasn't super strong. The skin was a bit tough. My wife and brother said it was too sweet!

UPDATE: 9/2/15
Peter's Honey update. I've been eating these for the last month or so. Picking one every week. It doesn't look like they get much bigger than this.


  1. If they're too sweet, won't that make them better for drying?

    1. yeah possibly, but drying usually makes them even sweeter. I'll need to visit the dentist more often.=)