Friday, July 31, 2015

Fig of the week. #3 Desert King

Desert King AKA King | Charlie | White King | King

Hardiness: Hardy I grow these outside in Seattle without protection
Type: San Pedro
Fruit Ripens: July and Late September on warm seasons
Fruit Color: Green and light red interior
Taste: Perfectly sweet and juicy
Fruit Weight: 50grams
Leaf Structure: 3 large lobes
Note: One of the easiest cuttings to root. In the right conditions roots should appear in 2 weeks

King of the northwest figs.  It is prized for it's flavorful green skinned fruit and moderate cold resistance.

The Desert King variety can be traced back to the 1920’s in Madera, California. Large, skin is deep  green, minutely spotted white, pulp strawberry red. A San Pedro type fig, it normaly requires pollination for the second crop. It is vigorous and requires pruning to maximize a good production of figs. This tree is well adapted to cool areas.

* San Pedro Type
* Only the breba crops ripens, but last year it was extra warm and 2nd crop was not as tasty but edible in it's own right
* The main crop requires the fig wasp to ripen
* Fruits ripen in July. ripe fruits turn from green to a light green/yellow color
* The skin gets super soft and pulp intensely syrupy. You can drink the super ripe figs with a straw
* Large figs the size of a small fist
* Brebas grow on 2nd year wood so do not prune the fruiting branches

My personal opinion is that if you live in Seattle you have to own this variety. It's breba crop is just so productive. The proof is in the scores of trees found all over Seattle that reach higher than 25ft. Every July these trees are just loaded with fruit, more than any one family can eat.

The flavor is a mild strawberry taste without the acidity. The skin is very soft when ripe and can explode in your hands when picked overly ripe. You can probably drink a Super ripe Desert King with one of those bubble tea straws.

How to prune it.

Semi Ripe Main crop DK

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