Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fig of the week. #17 Petite Negra

Fig of the week. #17 Petite Negra AKA Petite Negri

Hardiness: Survives the Seattle Winter
Type: Bifere
Fruit Ripens: July and September
Fruit Color: Black with red interior
Taste: Sweet berry tones very thin skin
Fruit Weight: 29Grams Breba and 7 grams Main
Leaf Structure: 3 lobes and single lobed

This little fig is a great tasting bite size snack. However you're gonna need 2 handfuls of these to actually satisfy any cravings. It's like eating a jammy grape. Very good. I would recommend trimming this plant to a bush form to maximize the fruit production. You're definitely not at a risk for breaking branches from such tiny fruit.

Some people think this is really similar to VBD but I believe it's a completely different variety for sure. The fruit size look very different.

If you like small plants this is your best bet. It does great in containers and will stop growing at a certain size.

Compared to a longue D'aout

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