Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello Barbados Cherry

I've seen Jake Mace the vegan athlete rave about this Barbados Cherry fruit. It's a semi tropical plant so I can't actually grow this year around outdoors here in Seattle, it will be a container patio plant but I want to try it out for myself.

So instead of going with something that will take a few years to fruit I went ahead and bucked up for a larger plant. Excuse the boxes I get all my plants shipped to my work place. The plant came with the roots a bit on the dry side so it may not recover but I will do my best to make it work.

It's sweet tart of a fruit with 3 seeds instead of a pit like a regular cherry. I'm into tropical fruit so I'm excited to grow this one.

Unlike other tropical fruit, the Barbados cherry will fruit in a smaller bush form which will make it easier to move in and out for the winters. I love Mangoes and jack fruit but can you imagine doing the fig shuffle for a 20 ft tall tree? =)

Here's more of the sciency info on the Barbados Cherry.

Update: 4/19/16

My Barbados Cherry doesn't look too good. It was pretty dried out when I got it and it never was able to recover. I contacted the seller online and they gave me some general how to care for plants response. It's never good when nurseries do not have a guarantee on their plants. They were were pretty adamant about not sending a replacement plant. 

There's a very slim chance it will recover... but I'll keep it potted for now.

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