Monday, February 8, 2016

Up Potting Lasagna Method Fig cuttings

After about 3 months or so, it's time to up pot some of my first Lasagna method cuttings.  From this one container of about 12 cuttings all but one did not root and leaf out.  That's a 91% success rate!

The ones in the video are from some Black Small figs I collected in California.

Close up photos of the root development. Some look better than others. The overall success rate is really high compared to other methods.

These are from my Genevese Nero. Untangling them can be a delicate matter but it's not too hard with gentle hands. I pulled out 6 that had nice root development and 6 more that were just ok. There were 2 cuttings that didnt make it from this shoe box. Which is not a bad ratio.
The nice thing is I found no mold what so ever.

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