Friday, February 26, 2016

Grafted Black Madeiras

My Black Madeira cuttings from 2 different sources arrived today and after reading that grafting maybe a better solution than rooting them I set aside 3 cuttings to graft and the rest to root via the Lasagna method.

From personal experience Black Madeira's take forever to root.

For rootstock I used last year's Gillette and Desert King Cuttings that were started in July of 2015. In all I had 11 rootstock to work with. In total I grafted 12 BMs. I grafted a BM onto an MVSB the day before as practice before making the video for youtube.

I used single nodes and a simple cleft graft to graft all 12.  All the grafts were wrapped in parafilm, then tightened with garden ribbon, and kept humid with saran wrap.

It took about 2 hrs to get them all done but it'll be worth it if I get just 25% success. The worse that could happen is that the graft doesn't take and the root stock will grow back it's leaves.

Equipment needed:
Grafting Knife - Kershaw Corral Creek Knife with Sheeps foot blade
Parafilm - Nursery Tape
Saran Wrap

The grafted plants all went back into my windowed garage where the humidity stays constantly high because of the heated fish tanks in there.

I hope you find this useful.

Update: 2/29/16

I grafted 1 more Black Madeira node from Cindy on the forums to a Desert King Rootstock and a Saccoro Black to a Desert King Rootstock.

(Dont be jealous of the stack of Girl Scouts cookies in the background)

This time I snipped a finger off of the rubber glove to cover the grafted union.

Update: 3/5/16

Showing signs of life. There's a tiny bud popping out on the left side of the Black Madeira scion about 10 days later.

Update: 4/14/16

A few of the grafts are making some great progress.

update: 4/27/16

Update: June 2016